Karate as a Martial Art and A way of life

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Karate do Goju Ryu traditional martial art for self defense, keeping a healthy body and spirit, living a healthy way of life.

Sensei Eli Elfassy

Sensei Eli Elfassy
Krav Maga
First introduction to goju karate First instructing Years
Military Service
Years 2000-2006
Sensei Leon
Latest activities
As a teacher of Karate

General- Eli Elassy was born 1978 in Netanya Israel. Eli got involved with sports from a very young age. He started running steadily and independently at a very young age (even attended competitions ). Eli also trained in many diverse sport activities when he was young.

Krav-Maga -  In 1992 After many terror stabbing attacks in Israel. Eli was looking for a method of self defense. he had found  Israeli "Karav magen" taught by Eli Avikzar. (A student of Imi Lichtenfeld). Eli trained 1 year there and got more formal education/Training in Krav-Maga later on.


First introduction to goju karate- In the year 1993 Eli had his first sight of okinawa goju ryu karate. Eli came with a few friends to Honbu dojo Israel in Netanya, there he first met Sensei Leon Pantanowitz (Or as we called Sensei, Sensei Yehuda). Sensei Leon addressed and asked them to watch. Eli couldn't grasp the movements nor the meaning of karate and hesitated at the begining. Sensei Leon's great charm and inner power made all hesitations go away. Eli joined the dojo. Eli devoted a lot of his time for karate training and did not miss Sensei Leon Lessons.

First instructing Years - in 1996 Sensei Leon gave Eli the opportunity to teach and even gave him a class to teach. In the same time Eli participated in a Wingate supervised instructors course Held by Sensei Leon at Netnaya honbu dojo. In January 1997 Eli finished his duties and in March 1997 Sensei Leon gave Eli a Black belt 1st Dan in karate.


Military Service- At the age of 18 Eli was recruited to the IDF, Eli Served in all conflict Areas as a paratrooper fighter and commander. Although Eli had a tough service he tried his best to keep his karate abilities well and alive. Eli trained in his few free hours, tried to attend honbu dojo when ever he had a vacation even attended Sensei Morio Higaoona gasshuku held in Israel during his service.During his service Eli got more "Krav Maga" formal training as a fighter and as an instructor (A special course).


Years 2000-2006 – Soon after Eli Finished his military service he returned  to the Honbu Dojo where he trained and taught under Sensei Leon supervision.

In August 2000 Eli was  given his 2nd Dan after he was examined by Sensei Leon.

In October 2002 Eli and a group of students flew to Japan with Sensei Leon as the group leader. Sensei Eli had trained intensively and gained more knowledge.

Eli kept on teaching and training in the Honbu Dojo. In 2004 Sensei Eli was  given his 3nd Dan after he was examined by Sensei Leon.

In August 2006 Eli Was sent to the war in Lebanon.

2006 Sensei Leon -  

Not a long time had past after the war ended, Sensei Leon told Eli that he was Ill, Eli met him a few times.

A week before Sensei Had passed away he invited a few senior students to his house (Sensei Eli Elfassy among them). Sensei Asked them Last requests concerning Netanya Honbu Dojo. None of the students could believe or wanted to believe that Sensei the person who possesses an endless smile, the comedian that at the age of 60 plus is able to do 1000's of repetitions and in the same time smiles tells jokes and sings. None of them wanted to believe that Sensei might not be with them.

In October 2006 Sensei Leon passed away.All his students were in great pain, at this irreparable loss. His funeral was held at 13 of October 2006 just about a month before his 68 birthday. Many people have arrived for last chance to say goodbye to the "Singing Sensei" (He always asked us to call him the singing Sensei).

Sensei Leon (Yehuda) was one of the best teachers/instructors/trainers  that ever existed. His ability to get inside the heart of everyone his smile his love for karate and martial arts has brought up wonderful things. Under Sensei Leon's teaching grew excellent karate students and instructors.

A month after Sensei Leons sudden death, Sensei Eli left his former work place. And from October 2006 Eli devoted more of his time to Karate teaching. In that period Sensei Eli devoted most of his time to practice and teach karate, among with his second task finishing his degree in computer sceince.

Latest activities -

In December 2007 in the last days of the Gasshuku Israel, Sensei Morio Higaoona conducted a Dan Exam to senior students in Israel. At the End of this Exam Sensei Eli Elfassy was given a 4th Dan degree from Sensei Morio Higaoona.

In June 2008 Sensei Eli had finished his trainers course in Wingate Institute (Nat Holman school in Israel) was certified as a Karate trainer.

In July 2009 Sensei Eli Has founded a Doju In "Herev-Laet" Israeli "Moshav" at the "Emek Hefer"  Area, this activity was added to his work in the Hunbo Doju in Netnaya.

After the death of Sensei Leon, The international Organization gave a few senior students  ("Kanbukai") the power to manage the organization. All of Sensei Eli's activities was done with compliance to the "Kanbukai" instructions.

In July 2013 Eli announced his separation from the IOGKF Israeli branch.


As a teacher of Karate -

Goju ryu Karate do- Is a very diverse method. The number of traditional movements and forms is vast and even surprising in its diversity. From a Traditional supreme warm up to many fighting movements. The understanding of karate is a life time effort. In the course of understanding the Physiological, Psychological changes are magnificent and rewarding.

As self defense method Karate Goju Ryu offers a vast variety of fighting movement and by that allowing each and every person to find his way in Karate. The movements include Striking, grabbing, throwing, short range and long range movements, ground work and more.

As a dynamic teacher - Martial art is dynamic not static, Every teacher and trainer learns from his experience from his own training from his teachers and from his students. These insights must be a part of the teachers legacy for his students. As a student of late Sensei Leon I have studied a lot from his stories and insights. A student must learn what as a karate practitioner will work for him and what will not in life and in a fight these insights are key points of becoming a true "Karateka". 

Sensei - Is the Japanese word for a teacher.

Kanbukai - Executive committee.

Honbo (Hombo) Dojo (Doju) -Is the Central training hall for an eastern traditional Martial art. (More fromWiki -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dojo).