Karate as a Martial Art and A way of life

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Karate do Goju Ryu traditional martial art for self defense, keeping a healthy body and spirit, living a healthy way of life.

Karate goju

In this site you will have the opportunity to read about Sensei Eli Elfassy's activity in the Israeli organization.

karate - Empty Hand, Empty from any weapon. Empty from any wish to harm the other.

Karate NO FIRST ATTACK - karate is for self defense only.

Goju System- Ju -soft. Go- Hard,

Goju System focuses on the soft and hard movements of the body. In our body like  in nature we have soft and hard movements. Many soft movements can hit hard and cause damage. In nature we are familiar with water that although are very soft some times can hit as hard in a form of a tsunami .

The method that is taught by the Israeli organization is Karate Do Goju Ryu from Okinawa.

Sensei Eli Elfassy was a member of IOGKF since 1993 and an instructor since 1996. Eli left IOGKF to a new way at 2013.